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The Skinny

On Slimbo

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After spending a decade overseas thrilling and delighting live music audiences across three continents, Slimbodeeni has finally 
returned to his Oregon roots...where he was kicked out of 4th grade band class for being "tone deaf".

True story!


While also sporting an extensive professional background in on-air broadcast, audio production, voice overs, advertising & marketing, and freelance emceeing, he hopes to join a reputable Bend operation where his creative "mojo" can be a welcome part of a dynamic close-knit team. Click here.

With his wife Tricia and
 Korean rescue dog Bartholomew Noodle Roni,
 aka "Noodsie", Slim

helps with the IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization

He's also a bit of a mucky-muck at

Where they donate 20% of profits to benefit
Operation Rescue Pup.
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