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Slimbodeeni, aka Tim DeMartino, a native Oregonian born & raised in
SE Portland and U of O alum, amassed mountains of experience in professional broadcast, audio production, voiceovers, event emceeing,
and television news during his storied media career.

He also co-owned a PDX boutique advertising agency for years, boasting noteworthy clientele including Apple Music, the Portland Winterhawks,
Rose Garden Arena (now Moda Center), Beard Frame Shops, and Oregon Mountain Community, bolstered by independent freelance work for Plaid Pantry, Nor'Wester Beer, Everyday Music, and others.

From expert copywriting to provocative graphic design...writing jingles
to creating comprehensive ad campaigns spanning all mediums...Slim's
proven success in myriad commercial settings is hard to parallel.

Whether you have a small Bend project, a massive international campaign, need a creative "wingman" for your team, or have simply hit a speed bump
in your normal creative process, Slim can help get you to the next level.

Big budget or small, getting Slim is the very best way to rock it up to 11...


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